Eminent piety

(John Angell James, "The Christian Professor")

Eminence in piety signifies our having all the parts
of the Christian character in considerable strength,
and in attractive proportions.

Eminent piety is always accompanied by . . .
  a large measure of spiritual affections;
  a struggle for universal holiness;
  a desire and endeavor for purity of heart;
  a prevailing taste for divine and heavenly things;
  a walking with God;
  a living by faith;
  a setting our affections on things above;
  a being dead to the world;
  a mortification of sin in the heart;
  a proneness to devout meditation;
  a delight to hold communion with God;
  a fondness for the Scriptures;
  a large portion of love to the brethren;
  an inflexible integrity;
  a liberality for the cause of Christ;
  an ardent love of biblical ordinances;
  an enjoyment of the peace that passes understanding;
  a frequent experience of spiritual joy;
  an exquisite tenderness of conscience;
  a mind which trembles at sin;
  a constant penitential frame for our many imperfections;
  a holy watchfulness against sins . . .
    of the life,
    of the tongue,
    of the imagination
    and of the heart!

Piety is not an abstract system of doctrine and
ethics. It is a constant movement of the heart,
to the splendor and attraction of the cross of

Love to Christ is the spring of all Christian piety!

This is eminent piety--to be always in sight of the
cross, having fellowship with Christ; so that we
shall truly comprehend the meaning and feel the
force of the Apostle's words, "for me to live is