Encroaching, absorbing, and destructive!

(John Angell James, "The Christian Professor" 1837)

"Their minds are fixed on earthly things." Phil. 3:19

This is a concise, emphatic, and accurate description
of a worldly man. His supreme, yes, exclusive desire,
aim, and purpose, is to get as much, and enjoy as much,
of the world as he can. He thinks of nothing else, and
wishes for nothing else. His hopes and fears, joys and
sorrows, desires and dread--are all of the earth, earthly.

The worldly mind has an exclusive regard to, and
wish for, earthly possessions and enjoyment. It makes
the world the highest object of pursuit, and the chief
source of enjoyment. This shows itself in various ways,
  a love of pleasure in one;
  avarice in another;
  ambition in a third;
  exclusive delight in home in another.

If a professing Christian partakes of this spirit, he is
worldly-minded. If he appears like one whose supreme
aim is to be rich and happy on earth; if he appears to
be continually intent on increasing his wealth and
multiplying his comforts; if he looks like a man
who is entirely occupied in enjoying himself here
on earth--he is a worldly-minded man.

You must resist the encroaching, absorbing,
and destructive
influence of the world in all
its many fascinating forms!

Consider that you have . . .
  a soul to be saved,
  a hell to avoid,
  a heaven to obtain!