A cold chill fell upon their hearts!

(John Angell James, "
The Christian Professor" 1837)

It has frequently occurred, that young converts in the
ardor of their first love, and while much unacquainted
as yet, with what is called the 'religious world', have
looked upon the church as a 'sacred enclosure', within
which dwelt a kind of heavenly inhabitants, who could
think or speak of little else than the glory which awaited
them. In the church, these novices expected to find . . .
  the sweetest and holiest fellowship,
  an almost unearthly spirituality, and
  an uninterrupted strain of pious conversation.

But alas! What a woeful disappointment did the reality
produce! In the 'sacred enclosure' they found worldly
minded professors--almost as intent upon seen and
temporal things, as those they had left out in the world!

In the 'vestibule of heaven', they beheld professors . . .
  covered with the 'earthly dust',
  disordered with worldly concerns,
  and given up to worldly amusements!

In the church members, they saw little but worldly
conduct, and heard little else but worldly conversation!

A cold chill fell upon their hearts, which checked
the ardor of their pious affections; and even they,
lately so fervent, soon sunk and settled down into
the lukewarmness of those among whom they had
come to dwell.