(J. A. James, "The Practical Believer Delineated")
Glance at the good which afflictions are calculated to effect,
and do effect in all cases where they are sanctified. As the
bee sucks honey from many a bitter herb--so faith extracts
good from bitter sorrows!

How sorrows crucify him to the world--and the world to
him; sometimes gently drawing him away from the world
--at others forcing him out as by a violent wrench!

How trials mortify his pride and cure his vanity!

How afflictions restore him from his backslidings and bring
him again to God from whom he has departed. How they
revive his lukewarm religion and quicken him in prayer. How
they make him feel that religion is after all his great concern.

Yes, there is more learned sometimes in one great affliction,
than from a thousand sermons, or a library of books!