Low in the deep valley of humility

(Jeremy Taylor)

Jesus proposes Himself as our example, by
exhibiting in His own perfect character, the
twin sisters of meekness and humility.

His whole life was a great, continued descent . . .
  from the glorious bosom of His Father,
  to the womb of a poor maiden;
  to the form of a servant;
  to the likeness and miseries of sinful flesh;
  to a life of labor;
  to a state of poverty;
  to a death of a criminal;
  to the grave;
  to the intolerable calamities which we deserved!

It is but reasonable that we should be as humble in
the midst of our greatest imperfections and basest
sins--as Christ was in the midst of His holy and
perfect life, and most admirable virtues.

We have lost all ground for pride. Everything . . .
  our ignorance,
  our weakness,
  our sins,
  our follies
prescribe to us, that our proper dwelling
place is low in the deep valley of humility.

Humility glorifies God; pride dishonors Him.

Humility makes men like angels;
pride makes angels to become devils.

Humility is the temper of holiness;
pride is folly.

Humility is the way to glory;
pride is the way to ruin and confusion.

Humility makes saints on earth;
pride undoes them.

Humility beatifies the saints in heaven;
pride disgraces a man on earth.

God loves humility;
Satan solicits pride.

Humility is the crowning grace, the finishing
stroke of beauty, and the brightest ray of glory,
in the Christian character. (John Angell James)