You are the one who has done this!

(James, "The Widow Directed to the Widow's God" 1841)

"They all know that the the hand of the Lord has
 done this. In His hand is the life of every creature
 and the breath of all mankind." Job 12:9-10

"Be still, and know that I am God." Such is the admonition
which comes to you--and which comes from heaven. It is God
Himself who has bereaved you
--through whatever second
causes He has inflicted the blow. Not even a sparrow falls to
the ground without His knowledge--much less a rational and
immortal creature. He has the keys of death, and never for a
moment entrusts them out of His hand--the door of the
sepulcher is never unlocked, but by Himself!

Though men may drop and die as unheeded by many, as the fall
of the autumnal leaf in the pathless desert--they die not by
Every incident which has reduced you to your present
sorrowful condition, is an individual decision of infinite wisdom.
Whether therefore, the death of your husband was slow or
sudden; at home or abroad; by accident or disease--it was
appointed, and all its circumstances arranged, by God. Be still,
therefore, and know that He is God, who does His will among
the armies of heaven, and the inhabitants of earth, and allows
no one to question His proceedings.

Bow down before Him with unqualified submission--and find
relief in acquiescence to His wise and sovereign will.

Submission forbids all passionate invective; all rebellious
language; all bitter reflections on second causes; and all
questionings about the wisdom, goodness, or equity of
the God of Providence. You should not only suppress all
murmuring and complaining language--but all thoughts
and feelings of this kind. Submission is that state of the
soul under afflictive dispensations of Providence, which
produces an acquiescence in the will of God--as just, and
wise, and good. It expresses itself in some such manner
as the following. "I deeply feel the heavy loss I have
sustained, and my nature mourns and weeps. But as I
am persuaded it is the Lord's doing, who has a right to
do as He pleases, and who is at the same time too wise
to mistake, and too benevolent to put me to unnecessary
pain--I endeavor to bow down to His holy will."

Did we really believe in the doctrine of Providence, and
that He who superintends its administration, unites to an
arm of omnipotence--
a mind of infinite knowledge, and
a heart of boundless love--submission would be easy!

Christian mourner, consider God as the author of all your
trials--as well as of all your comforts! View Him as your
Father! Be assured that He loves you too well to do you
any harm! Be confident that He is making all things work
together for your good!

"I was silent; I would not open my mouth, for You
 are the one who has done this!
" Psalm 39:9