The flaming scimitar of the Sultan

(John Angell James, "Christian Love" 1828)


This system of imposture, abounding as it does with
minute and ridiculous ceremonies, and a slavish regard
to absurd ritual observances; enforces, by the authority
of its founder, the most ferocious and blood-thirsty
hatred to all who do not receive it with implicit faith.

Wars against all other religions are not only enjoined
in many passages of the Koran--but are declared to be
in a high degree 'meritorious' in the sight of Allah.

How completely Islamism has filled its votaries with the
most ferocious bigotry and the most merciless intolerance,
is known by universal testimony. They everywhere pour
insulting contempt upon all who are not Muslims, and
feel a savage delight in adding cruelty to insult.

The spirit of the system is everywhere visible in the absolute
despotism of the governments of those countries in which it
prevails. Where Islam is found, the arts and the sciences do not
flourish, and liberty withers in its shade. The flaming scimitar
of the Sultan
is its patron and defense. It was propagated by
the sword, and it is essentially and unalterably cruel.

Such is Islamism--a curse to the world, and the reverse of
all that is holy and beneficent.