The domestic slave

(J. A. James, "Female Piety--The Young Woman's
Guide Through Life to Immortality

There are various kinds of slavery in the world, and
many classes of victims of this cruel bondage. There is
among others, the domestic slave, whose tyrant is her
husband--and the scene of her bondage, her home!

His stinginess allows her scanty supplies for bare
necessities. His selfishness is so engrossing and exacting,
that his demands for his own personal ease and indulgence
are incessant, and leave her no time for the consideration
of her own comfort. His disposition is so bad, that all her
diligence to please are unavailing to give him satisfaction,
or to avert the sallies of his irritability, discontent, and

When such a man protests against Negro-slavery, let him
begin the work of emancipation at home, by raising the
oppressed woman he holds in bondage there, from the
condition of a drudge--into the station of a wife!

But there are also many sad cases in which the slavery is
The bondage comes from the wife herself!
The husband would gladly release her--but she will not
let him!

Some are slaves to neatness--and make their fidgety
anxiety about this matter a misery to themselves and
all around them!

Others are slaves to fashion--and are always anxious
and troubled about elegance and refinement!

Others are slaves to domestic display, parties and
--and are always full of anxiety about
making a splendid appearance!

Others are slaves to frugality--and are ever vexing
themselves to economize!

In these ways women will torment themselves and fill
their minds with unnecessary cares and self-imposed
troubles! To all such we say, "Martha, Martha, you are
anxious and troubled about so many things!"