These are the fools of whom Solomon speaks!

(J. A. James, "The Young Man's Friend
and Guide Through Life to Immortality

"Whoever walks with the wise will become wise; but
the companion of fools shall be destroyed!" Pr. 13:20

Young men! There are evil companions to be avoided!

The workhouse,
the lunatic asylum,
the prison,
the gallows,
the bottomless pit,
all, all, attest the truth of this, by the millions they
have swallowed up in their jaws of destruction!

Evil companionship has ruined . . .
  more characters,
  more fortunes,
  more bodies,
  and more souls,
than almost anything else that could be named.

Young men! Evil companionship is one of your first
and most pressing dangers. Character assimilates to
that which surrounds it. You must take your character,
to a certain extent, from your companions.

Do not have bad companions! Men . . .
  who scoff at Christianity,
  who ridicule the godly,
  who make light of sin and laugh at conscience,
  who are lewd in their actions, or obscene in their talk,
  who are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God,
  who are extravagant in their habits,
  who are loose in their moral principles,
these are the fools of whom Solomon speaks,
--who will bring their own destruction upon you,
if you do not avoid them!

With much the same emphasis do I warn you against bad
. There are books that inflame the imagination and
corrupt the taste--that by their excitement unfit the mind
for the sober realities of life--or by continuous light
entertainment, indispose the mind for what is serious
and holy. These are all to be avoided.

In some respects bad books are more mischievous than
bad companions, since they are more accessible, and
more constantly with us. They can be more secretly
consulted, and lodge their poison more abidingly in . . .
  the imagination,
  the intellect, and
  the heart!

A bad book is a bad companion of the worst kind, and
prepares for bad companions of all other kinds!

"Whoever walks with the wise will become wise; but
the companion of fools shall be destroyed!" Pr. 13:20