All taken up with fashion, amusement, and folly!

(J. A. James, "Female Piety--The Young Woman's
Guide Through Life to Immortality

"Make the teaching about God our Savior attractive
 in every way.
" Titus 2:10

It is a solemn thing to profess to be a disciple of Christ.

It supposes you to be a new creature, that old things
have passed away, and that all things have become
new with you.

It supposes that you have . . .
  new principles,
  new motives,
  new ends of life,
  new tastes and new pleasures.

Now, your profession is to be maintained with a due
regard to this. Your conduct must correspond with it.

You must be dissimilar in these things, to those who
make no such profession. They must see the difference
as well as hear of it. You must compel them to say,
"Well, we do not like her religion, but it is quite in
harmony with her profession."

Study your profession, and thoroughly understand
what it implies and enjoins. Consider well . . .
  what holiness of conduct;
  what spirituality of mind;
  what separation from the world in spirit and taste;
  what devotional feelings;
  what faith, hope, love and humility;
  what amiableness and kindness of disposition,
are included in that declaration you have actually
made--"I am a Christian!"

She who is bent upon eternity, cannot sink down into
the levity of those who are all taken up with fashion,
amusement, and folly!

The possessor of true religion is satisfied with her
own sources of enjoyment, without running to the
amusements of the world for pleasure and excitement.