Oh, what a loving, gentle, skillful healer is Jesus!

(Octavius Winslow, "Daily Need Divinely Supplied" 1870)

"He heals all your diseases." Psalm 103:3

Jesus is the Great Healer of all our spiritual diseases.
He loves to undertake the care of the sin sick soul, and
never lost one who betook itself to His cross. Come with
your spiritual disease, O my soul. It may have baffled
every physician and evaded every remedy. Jesus can
cure it! He . . .
  binds up the broken heart,
  heals our backslidings,
  restores our wanderings,
  revives our declensions;
  and when faith droops through trial,
  and the spirit faints in adversity,
  and love chills through temptation,
Jesus the Healer comes, and by the fresh application of
His blood, and by the renewed communication of His grace,
and by the quickening energy of His Word, He heals us!

Beware, O my soul, of any healing but Christ's, and
of any remedy but His blood. Watch against a false
of your wound. Go . . .
  to no minister,
  to no church,
  to no rite,
  to no duty,
but go at once to Jesus and His blood, and cry,
"Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed!"

Oh, what a loving, gentle, skillful healer is Jesus!

With not a frown of displeasure,
with not a look of coldness,
with not a word of upbraiding,
He will cure you!

He . . .
  heals sin's worst malady,
  cures man's incurables, and
  never loses a patient who seeks His saving touch.

Take your case, as it is, to Him!

"Lord, be merciful unto me. Heal my soul, for
 I have sinned against You." Psalm 41:4