All the ravishments of His presence and love!

(J. C. Philpot, "Meditations on 1 Peter")

"Receiving the end of your faith, the salvation
 of your souls.
" 1 Peter 1:9

What is to be compared with the salvation of the
soul? What are riches, honors, health, long life?
What are all the pleasures which the world can
offer, sin promise, or the flesh enjoy? What is all
that men call good or great? What is everything
which the outward eye has seen, or natural ear
heard, or has entered into the carnal heart of man
--put side by side with being saved by Jesus with
an everlasting salvation?

Consider what we are saved from--as well as
what we are saved unto.

From a burning hell--to a blissful heaven!

From endless wrath--to eternal glory!

From the dreadful company of devils and damned
spirits, mutually tormenting and tormented--to the
blessed companionship of the glorified saints, all
perfectly conformed in body and soul to the image
of Christ, with thousands and tens of thousands of
holy angels! And, above all, to seeing the glorious
Son of God as He is, in all the perfection of His beauty,
and all the ravishments of His presence and love!

To be done forever with . . .
  all the sorrows, troubles, and afflictions of this life;
  all the pains and aches of this poor clay tabernacle;
  all the darkness, bondage, and misery of the body of
sin and death--to be perfectly holy in body and soul,
being in both without spot, or blemish--and ever to
enjoy uninterrupted union and communion with God!

O what a heaven lies before the children of God!