Fall down in reverent astonishment

(J. C. Philpot, "Meditations on Ephesians")

"His great love for us." Ephesians 2:4

"You love them as much as You love Me." John 17:23

The love of God to His dear Son must be so infinite
as to exceed all conception of men or angels. Now,
that He should love the people of His choice with the
same love--the same in nature, the same in degree
as that with which He loves His dear Son--is one of
the most overwhelming thoughts which can move
and stir a human bosom! Indeed, so overwhelming
is it in its sublime mystery and unapproachable depth,
that as it can only be received by faith! Faith itself
can only fall down in reverent astonishment and
admiration before it, and cry out, "O the depth!
O the blessedness of this love!"

"I love you the same way as My Father has loved Me."
     John 15:9