The scale!

(J. C. Philpot, "A Longing Soul in a Thirsty Land")

"What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole
 world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give
 in exchange for his soul?" Matthew 16:26

Put your soul in one side of the scale--and put all that
the world calls good and great
in the other side. Think
of everything that the heart of man can desire--riches,
honor, pleasure, power. Heap it up well! Fill one side of
the scale until there is no room for more. Put in . . .
  all the gold of Australia,
  all the diamonds of India,
  all the delights of youthful love,
  all the pleasures . . .
    of wife and home,
    of children and friends,
    of health and strength,
    of name and fame.
Put in all that the natural mind of man deems the
height of happiness, and everything that may weigh
this side of the scale down.

Now, when you have filled this side of the scale, put your
soul into the other side--the state of your soul for all eternity.
Represent to yourself your deathbed--hold the scale with
dying hands as lying just at the brink of eternity. See how
the scale now hangs!

What if you had the whole world that you have put into
the scale, and could call it all your own--but at that solemn
hour felt that your soul was forever lost--that you were dying
under the wrath of God--and there was nothing before you but
an eternity of misery! At such a moment as this, what could
you put in the scale equal to the weight of your immortal soul?

Take the scale again. Put into one side, every affliction,
trial, sorrow, and distress that imagination can conceive,
or tongue express. Let them all be yours . . .
  distress of mind,
  pain of body,
  poverty of circumstances,
  contempt from man,
  assaults from Satan,
  Job's afflictions,
  Jacob's bereavements,
  David's persecutions,
  Jeremiah's prison,
  Hezekiah's sickness.
Put into this side of the scale everything that makes life
naturally miserable--and then put into the other side, a
saved soul.

Surely, as in the case of worldly honors, and riches,
and happiness--a lost soul must weigh them all down!

So in the case of afflictions and sorrows and troubles
--a saved soul must weigh them all down too!