(Henry Law, "Meditations on Ephesians")

"Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of
 God, to the saints in Ephesus." Ephesians 1:1

The word 'saints' imports people who are set apart
and consecrated to the service and glory of God
They were fore-ordained from all eternity in the
counsels of heaven to this blessed state. As this
call of God is by the Spirit of holiness, so it is unto
a life of holiness

They are no more of the world!

They reject its hollow and selfish principles!

They scorn its debasing maxims!

They turn from its ungodly ways!

They despise its vain pursuits!

They rise high above its mis-called pleasures!

Oh! then, let us no more walk with downcast eyes fixed
on the mire of this miserable world! Let us gaze on the
pure and bright scenes to which we are hastening!

May the paltry trifles of this world be far beneath our feet!