I am full of confusion!

(J. C. Philpot, "Joy and Gladness for Mourning Souls")

"I am full of confusion!" Job 10:15

God is the great Ruler, Director, and Controller of all things!

We must not look on the varied events that are ever taking
place in this world, as a mere matter of 'chance'--a confused
medley--as though these multitudinous circumstances were
all thrown like marbles into a bag, and thrown back out
without any order or arrangement.

God is a God of order.

In the natural world, the world of creation--all is in order.

In the spiritual world, the world of grace--all is in order.

And in the providential world, the world of providence--all is order also.

To our mind, indeed, all often seems disorder. But this
arises from our ignorance, and from not seeing the whole
as one definitely arranged plan.

If you were to see a weaver working at a loom, and saw
nothing but the threads and needles jumping up in continual
motion, you would see nothing but confusion. Nor could you
form the slightest conception of the pattern which was being
worked. But when the whole was completed, and the silk
taken off the roller--then you would see a pattern arranged
in beautiful order--every thread concurring to form one
harmonious design. But all this was known beforehand
by the artist who designed the pattern, and every
arrangement was made in strict subserviency to it.

But if this is the case as to Gods appointments in
providence, how much more is it true of His glorious
designs in grace. Every . . .
are but the result of a definite plan in His eternal mind!

Yet to us how often all seems confusion! This confusion
is not so much in the things themselves--as in our mind.
Job, when surrounded by trouble, cried out, "I am full of
" Yet we can see in reading his history that all
his trials were working toward an appointed end. So every
trial, sorrow, temptation or affliction, which has ever lain,
or ever will lie, in your path--has been marked out by
infinite, unerring wisdom!

Is not the commonest road laid out according to a
definite plan? And does not the surveyor, when he
lays it out, put every mile-stone in its proper place?

So, does not the Lord lay out beforehand the road in
which His people should walk? And does He not put a
trial here and a sorrow there--an affliction at this
turning and a cross at that corner? All is definitely
planned in His infinite wisdom, to bring the traveler
safely home to Zion!