What a sin-killing, self-abasing sight!

(From the autobiography of Frances Wernham)

One evening, when wrestling hard with God in prayer,
my soul was silenced by these words being applied
with power to my soul--"This is My beloved Son, in
whom I am well pleased; hear Him!"

I was instantly led by the blessed Spirit in the exercise
of faith to look on Him whom my sins had pierced, and
exclaimed, "This is my beloved Savior, I want no more!
This is my Friend and my Brother, my Lord and my God!"

What a sin-killing, self-abasing sight! Every high thought
and towering imagination fell down flat before Him like
Dagon before the ark. When I saw, by the eye of faith,
His pierced hands and feet, and that He shed His blood
for me--so interesting did the sight appear that I was
lost to every other thought--as if I were the only sinner
in the world that had been the procuring cause of His
sufferings. Now I could say--"Lord, I have heard of You
many times by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye
sees You; therefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust
and ashes!"

Then did the Lord bind up my wounded spirit by pouring
in oil and wine as fast as I could receive it, one passage
of Scripture after another being applied to my soul so
fraught with comfort and divine consolation.