Sickness, disease, decay, and death

(J. C. Ryle, "Christ in the Sick Room")

"Lord, the one You love is sick!" John 11:3

Sickness, disease, decay, and death are the
common lot of all mankind without exception.

The human body is a most frail and complicated
machine. From the sole of the foot to the crown
of the head, there is not a part of us which is not
liable to disease. When I think of the variety of
ailments which may assail our bodies, I do not
wonder so much that we die at last--as I do that
we live so long.

But whence comes this liability to sickness,
disease, and death?

The fall of man at the beginning has brought
sin into the world, and sin has brought with
it the curse of sickness, suffering, and pain.

God sends sickness in order to do us good. It is
a friendly letter from heaven. It is a knock at the
door of conscience. Happy is he who opens the
letter and reads it, who hears the knock and opens
the door, who welcomes Christ to the sick room.

Regard your sickness as . . .
  a blessing in disguise,
  a good and not an evil,
  a friend and not an enemy.

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