The transforming power of the Spirit!

(J. C. Ryle, "The Lord's Garden")

"To all those in Rome who are loved by God
 and called to be saints." Romans 1:7 

Believers are separated from the world by the
effectual working of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit
calls them out from the world, and separates
them as effectually as if a wall were built
between them and it. He puts in them . . .
  new hearts,
  new minds,
  new tastes,
  new desires,
  new sorrows,
  new joys,
  new wishes,
  new pleasures,
  new longings.

He gives them . . .
  new eyes,
  new ears,
  new affections,
  new opinions.

He makes them new creatures. They are born
again--and with a new birth they begin a new
existence. Mighty indeed is the transforming
power of the Spirit!