Me, the vilest of the vile!

(By Sarah Church, a blind a deaf girl, who was paralyzed
 in one arm and both legs. Sarah died at the age of 23.)

The Lord has again visited me in a most wonderful
manner; so much so that I am lost in wonder, love,
and praise, that He should show me such a revelation
--me, the vilest of the vile!

"Christ is all and in all." Colossians 3:11

More joyful tidings cannot possibly reach our ears
than what are contained in these words. Christ is
indeed all and in all. He is all to me as . . .
  the end of the law for righteousness,
  the substance of prophecy,
  the sum of the Gospel,
  the life of the promises.

His wisdom directs me.

His righteousness justifies me.

Jesus is . . .
  the perfection of glory;
  truth, without any defect or error;
  holiness, without the least taint of pollution;
  the chief among ten thousand!

Whatever is desirable on earth,
whatever is attractive in heaven,
all the graces of time,
all the glories of eternity,
meet in Him their proper center,
and flow from Him their first source.

His love--how vast!

His promises--how precious!

His work--how perfect!

His mercy--how boundless!

His truth--how immutable!

His power--how omnipotent!

His grace---how sovereign!

His counsels--how profound!

His people--how secure!

His presence--how blissful!

His smiles--how transporting!

His Gospel--how free!

His law--how holy!

His precepts--how pure!

Christ is all and in all.

Hunger cannot be satisfied without
the bread of life--Jesus Christ.

Thirst cannot be truly quenched without
that living water--Jesus Christ.

The captive cannot be delivered without
the Redeemer--Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the way--without Him we are wanderers.

Jesus is the truth--without Him we live in error.

Jesus is the life--without Him we are dead in sins.

Jesus is the light--without Him we are in darkness.

Jesus is the vine--those who are not grafted in Him
are withered branches, prepared for the fire.

Jesus is the rock--those who are not built upon Him
will be carried away by the flood of Divine anger.
I am lost in wonder that the Lord should look
down upon such a hell-deserving wretch as I am!
But glory be to His name, He does not deal with
us after our sins!