Only in the infant's class?

(J. C. Ryle, "Our Profession")

Let us thank God that there are not a few to be found in
every part of Christendom who really are what they profess
to be--true, sincere, earnest-minded, hearty, converted,
believing Christians. Some of them, no doubt, belong to
churches in which their souls get little help. Some of them
have very imperfect knowledge, and hold the truth in its
vitals, with a mixture of many defective views.

But they all have certain common marks about them:

They see the value of their souls
and really want to be saved.

They feel the sinfulness of sin--and hate it,
and fight with it, and long to be free from it.

They see that Jesus Christ alone can save
--and they trust only in Him.

They see that they ought to live holy and godly
--and in their poor way they try to do it.

They love their Bibles, and they pray, though both
their reading and their praying are very defective.

Some of them, in short, are in the highest grade of
Christ's school, and are strong in knowledge, faith,
and love. Others are only in the infant's class, and
in everything are weak and poor.

But in one point they are all one. Their hearts are
right in the sight of God; they love Christ; their faces
are set towards heaven, and they want to go there!