We are no longer young

(Letters of J. C. Philpot)

"My life is but a breath." Job 7:7

"My life passes more swiftly than a runner.
 It flees away, filled with tragedy." Job 9:25

My dear friend,
We are no longer young. Life is, as it were,
slipping from under our feet.
It is a poor life
to live to sin, self, and the world--but it is
a blessed life to live unto the Lord.

I never expect to be free from trial, temptation,
pain, and suffering of one kind or another, while
in this valley of tears
. It will be my mercy if these
things are sanctified to my soul's eternal good.

I cannot choose my own path, nor would I wish
to do so, as I am sure it would be a wrong one.

I desire to be led of the Lord Himself into the way
of peace, and truth, and righteousness--to walk in
His fear, live to His praise, and die in the sweet
experience of His love.

I have many enemies, but fear none so much as
. O may I be kept from all evil and all error,
and do the things which are pleasing in God's sight.

Our days are hastening away swifter than a runner.
Soon with us it will be time no longer, and therefore
how we should desire to live to the Lord, and not
to self!

Yours affectionately in the truth,
J. C. Philpot, June 20, 1861