A worldly Christian?

(Thomas Reade, "Deadness to the World")

"I have given them Your word. And the
 world hates them because they do not
 belong to the world—just as I do not."
        John 17:14

To be a worldly Christian is a contradiction
in terms. Nothing can be more evident than
this—that every true disciple of Christ, like
his Lord and Master, is not of the world.

He is different in spirit and in practice.

A heart glued to the world—a heart
enchained by its pleasures, profits,
and cares—a heart in which the world
sits enthroned—can never be a heart
acceptable unto God.

Such a heart can never serve both God
and Mammon. Two masters so opposite in
their commands, can never, by the same
servant, be wholly and universally obeyed.

A heart in which Christ reigns, knows well
how to estimate the vanities of time, and
the glories of eternity!