The world is a great enemy!

(Excerpts from a letter of William Tiptaft)

"And this world is fading away, along
 with everything it craves." 1 John 2:17

My dear Brother,
What is this world, and all things in it, if
a man does not have God for his friend?

All things around us remind us that we are
nothing better than grass, and are like a
fleeting shadow
. And if we are void of saving
grace, awful is our state, whether we feel it
so or not. But we find that the Lord must make
us view things in their true colors. And if He
favors us with a few breathings after the
'heavenly manna', it will stop us from so
earnestly seeking that 'bread which perishes'.

The world is a great enemy! It contains so many
snares and baits so suitable to our carnal appetite!
We are surrounded with everything that is trying to
fasten our hearts to earthly things. And if we were
to have no crosses, and no enjoyment and comfort
in spiritual things, we would be endeavoring, still
more than we are, to find our happiness in earthly

A tender conscience and godly fear in the heart, are
great mercies. And if the Lord does bless our souls
with a sense of His pardoning love, it is a wonderful
favor. For we know our vileness sufficiently to be sure
that there is no hope for us but through His rich,
unmerited love and mercy. It is a very narrow path,
and the Lord must guide and direct us in it.

Yours very affectionately and sincerely,
William Tiptaft, March 2nd, 1838