Going up through this wilderness world

(David Harsha, "The Glory of Christ")

"Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive
 power and wealth and wisdom and strength and
 honor and glory and praise!" Revelation 5:12

If there is an object in the universe that should . . .
  attract our attention,
  excite our admiration,
  warm our affections,
  and demand our love; surely it is the
glorious Savior, the blessed Son of God.

"O blessed Jesus, show us your glory. Wean our
  affections from a world that is so soon to be
  wrapped in flames. Elevate our views above the
  transient scenes of earth--its fading, deceitful
  joys--to the permanent and enrapturing bliss
  of heaven. May we be going up through this
  wilderness world
leaning on you, our Beloved.
  While on earth may we live to your glory; and
  when done with mortal life, when the messenger
  of death is sent to convey our immortal spirits
  home, may we be safely conducted through
  death's dark valley and Jordan's swelling
  stream, to the city of the great King, the
  heavenly Jerusalem, the celestial Canaan,
  where you, blessed Savior, reign in
  everlasting glory."