Watch against the master sins

(by Richard Baxter)

Sin dwells in hell, and holiness in heaven.

Remember that every temptation is from
the devil, to make you like himself.

Remember when you sin, that you are learning
and imitating of the devil—and are so far like him.
And the end of all, is that you may feel his pains.
If hell-fire be not good, then sin is not good.

Watch against the master sins of . . .
  flesh pleasing and
  the excessive love of earthly things.

Take care against being drawn into earthly
mindedness and excessive cares—or covetous
designs for rising in the world—under the
pretense of diligence in your calling.

Love Christ, and you will hate that which
caused His death. Love Him, and you will
love to be made like Him—and hate that
which is so contrary to Him.