Lord, I feel my own utter helplessness!

(J. C. Philpot, "Sending Out of Light and Truth" 1841)

"O send forth Your light and Your truth,
 let them guide me." Psalm 43:3

The Christian is often dissatisfied with his state. He
is well aware of the shallowness of his attainments
in the divine life, as well as of the ignorance and the
blindness that are in him. He cannot perceive the path
of life. He sees and feels so powerfully the workings
of sin and corruption, that he often staggers, and is
perplexed in his mind.

And therefore, laboring under the feeling of . . .
  his own shortcomings for the past,
  his helplessness for the present,
  and his ignorance for the future,
he wants to go forward wholly and solely
in the strength of the Lord, to be . . .
not by his own wisdom and poweróbut by
the supernatural entrance of light and truth
into his soul.

When thus harassed and perplexed, he will at times
and seasons, as his heart is made soft, cry out with
fervency and importunity, as a beggar that will not
take a denial, "O send forth Your light and Your truth,
let them guide me!" As though he would say, "Lord,
I feel my own utter helplessness!
I know I must go
astray, if You do not condescend to guide me. I have
been betrayed a thousand times when I have trusted
my own heart. I have been entangled in my base
. I have been puffed up by presumption. I have
been carried away by hypocrisy and pride. I have been
drawn aside into the world. I have never taken a single
step aright when left to myself. And therefore feeling
how unable I am to guide myself a single step of the
way, I come unto You, and ask You to send forth Your
light and Your truth, that they may guide me, for I
am utterly unable to lead myself

The child of Godófeeling his own ignorance, darkness,
blindness, and sinfulnessócauses him to moan, and
sigh, and cry unto Godóthat he might be . . .
  led every step,
  kept every moment,
  guided every inch.

"O send forth Your light and Your truth,
 let them guide me." Psalm 43:3