Unseen, and unsuspected?

(Thomas Reade, "The Evil of Pride")

Pride is a principle deeply rooted in our fallen
nature, and which nothing but the Holy Spirit
can eradicate.

Pride, assuming every form, either worldly
or religious, can go with us into the sanctuary!
Like a subtle poison, it can insinuate itself
into our prayers and praises.

Unseen, and unsuspected, it mars our best
duties, and creates that 'self admiration'; that
desire for human applause; which corrupts the
heart, and steals it away from God.

"O blessed Jesus, what need have I to look unto
You for grace and strength. Save me from pride
and vainglory. Often do I feel and lament their
baneful influence. If I speak for You, O, how does
the poison work unseen by every eye but Yours!
As You alone can behold this hidden evil of the
heart, so in mercy destroy its influence. To You,
blessed Savior, do I look. You know what is in me.
Your eyes are on all my ways. Oh! wash me in the
cleansing fountain of Your precious blood. Purge
me from this foul stain of corrupted nature. Make
me truly humble and abased before You. Purify
my soul, then shall I become as a little child in
simplicity, teachableness, and humility. The work
is all Your own. To You be all the praise."