Each apparently capricious turn in life's way

(John MacDuff, "COMMUNION MEMORIES" 1886)

The Christian has this promise of assured help,
"My God shall supply all your needs, according
to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!" Phil. 4:19

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow!" Matthew 6:34

Ah, that future! that unknown, sometimes dark and
chequered future, how many an anxious thought it costs!

Who can forecast the varying scenes of changeful life?

It is like walking up some sequestered dell; every
turn in the path presents something new. A cluster
of flowers here--a rotten branch or decaying tree
there; now a flowing stream--now a quiet pool--
now a sprawling cascade; now a gleam of sunlight,
now the driving rain and booming thunder.

But each apparently capricious turn in life's
, all its accidents and incidents, are
appointments of Infinite Wisdom!

The future with all its vicissitudes
, is in His keeping
and ordering. You may work the loom--the shuttle may
be in your hands--but the pattern is all His--the
intermingling threads of varied hue, even what are
dark and somber. Do not talk of a tangled web,
when it is that of the Great Craftsman!

Confide in that heart of Infinite Love!

Shall we dream of being wiser than God? Shall we
dream of correcting His Book of Sovereign decrees?
of altering the building-plans of the Divine Architect?

No! trust His loving heart, where sense cannot
trace His hand!

Our All-sufficient God has said, "I will never leave
you, I will never, never, never forsake you." He is . . .
 a rich Provider,
 a sure Provider,
 a willing Provider,
 a wise Provider.

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow!" Matthew 6:34