Your Savior's heart

(John MacDuff, "The Throne of Grace")

"For we do not have a high priest who is unable
 to sympathize with our weaknesses." Heb. 4:15

Jesus is able to sympathize with all the sorrows
and infirmities to which His people are exposed.
Such is our great High Priest--divine in His ability,
human in His sympathy. Amid earth's painful
trials and temptations--amid its changes and
vicissitudes--amid dangers and duties, it is
such a High Priest that we stand in need of.

Oh, precious thought! that we have a Friend above
who can sympathize as no other can--that we have
an Intercessor who can plead more powerfully than
we are even able to conceive--and whose eye of love
is on each one of His followers--to support, sustain,
and comfort, amid daily trials, vicissitudes, and conflicts.

Let us then, because we have such a High Priest above--the
all-powerful, all-helpful, all-loving, all-tender Savior--One
who can and does feel for us--One who knows all our cares,
and troubles, and trials--One who has Himself deeply suffered,
and is therefore able to sympathize with us in all our sorrows,
"let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that
we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."

Come, then, you poor, you disconsolate,
come, you tried and afflicted,
come, you wounded,
come, you needy,
come, and welcome, to the throne of grace!

Reader! whatever be . . .
  your need,
  your weakness,
  your trial,
  your infirmity,
do not brood over it--but bring it to the throne of grace!
The longer you bear about with you the burden under
which you groan, the more hopeless and wretched
you will become. But if you take it to the foot of the
Cross, you will assuredly obtain relief.

Surely, it is a comforting thought, that you are bringing
your wishes, and cares, and anxieties to One who knows
how to pity and support--who longs to show mercy, and
to impart "grace to help in every time of need."

Your Savior's heart is . . .
  a human heart,
  a tender heart,
  a sinless heart,
  a heart, once the home of sorrow,
  once an aching, bleeding, mournful heart.

And He is still unchanged! He loves . . .
  to chase grief from the troubled spirit,
  to bind up the broken heart,
  to stanch the bleeding wound,
  to dry the weeping eye,
  "to comfort all who mourn."

Yes, Christian, if you would disclose your sorrow to One
who sorrowed as none ever sorrowed--if you would weep
upon the bosom of One, who wept as none ever wept--if
you would bare your wound to One, who was wounded as
none ever was wounded--then, in your affliction, turn from
all creature sympathy and support, to your "merciful and
faithful High Priest."

Your temptations from Satan,
your persecutions from man,
your struggles with an evil heart,
your tribulations and dangers, and fears,
all are known to Him--and He feels for you.
Tender, to Him, are you, as the apple of His eye.

Your happiness,
your peace,
your necessities,
your discouragements,
are all subjects of His deepest interest,
and of His incessant care.

His faithfulness never falters.

His love never changes.

His tenderness never lessens.

His patience never wearies.

His grace never decays.

"I cried unto the Lord, and He heard me, and
 delivered me from all my fears." Psalm 34:4