One simple test
(by J. C. Ryle)

"Lord, You know all things." John 21:17

There is something unspeakably solemn in the
thought that the Lord Jesus knows all things.

There is an eye that sees all our daily conduct.

There is an ear that hears all our daily words.

All things are naked and opened unto the
eyes of Him, with whom we have to do.

Concealment is impossible.

Hypocrisy is useless.

We may deceive ministers.

We may fool our family and neighbors.

But the Lord sees us through and through.

We cannot deceive Christ!

We ought to endeavor to make practical use of
this truth. We should strive to live as in the Lord's
sight, and, like Abraham, to "walk before Him."

Let it be our daily aim . . .
  to say nothing we would not like Christ to hear; and
  to do nothing we would not like Christ to see.

Let us measure every difficult question as to right
and wrong by one simple test, "How would I
behave, if Jesus was standing by my side?"

Such a standard is not extravagant and absurd.

It is a standard that interferes with no duty or
relation of life. It interferes with nothing but sin.

Happy is he that tries to realize his Lord's presence,
and to do all and say all as unto Christ.