It changes the tastes

(Hannah More, "Christianity, a Practical Principle")

The finest 'theory' never yet carried any man to heaven.

Christianity is not a religion of 'notions which occupy
the mind' without filling the heart. Such a religion is
not that which Christ came to teach mankind.

All the doctrines of the Gospel are practical principles.

The Word of God was not written that Christians might
merely obtain right views and possess just notions.

Christianity is something more than . . .
  mere correctness of intellect,
  justness of thought, and
  exactness of judgment.

It is a life giving principle.

It must be infused into the life as well as govern
in the understanding. It must regulate the will as
well as direct the creed. It must not only cast the
opinions into a right frame, but the heart into a
new mold.

Christianity is a transforming as well as a penetrating
principle. It changes the tastes, gives activity to the
inclinations, and, together with a new heart, produces
a new life.

In principles,
in tempers,
in fervent desires,
in holy endeavors,
consists the very essence of Christian duty.

We cannot be said to be real Christians until
Christianity becomes our animating motive, our
predominating principle and pursuit; as much
as worldly things are the predominating motive,
principle, and pursuit of worldly men.