He may talk like an angel, and live like a devil.

(Philpot, "Abounding of Love in Knowledge and Experience")

There is "a knowledge of the things of God" which a
man may possess without a personal experience of
the new birth--without any divine operation upon his
soul whatever, or any participation of the grace of God.

From reading the scriptures and hearing the Gospel
preached, many attain to a carnal, intellectual,
barren head knowledge of the truth;
who, as to
any experimental, vital, saving acquaintance
with it, are still in the very gall of bitterness and
the bond of iniquity.

A man may have the 'knowledge of an apostle'
and the 'worldliness of a Demas'.

He may be clear in head, and rotten in heart.

He may talk like an angel, and live like a devil.

He may understand all mysteries and all knowledge,
and be nothing but a hypocrite and an impostor.

In our day such characters abound in the churches.

But distinct from this "head knowledge", as distinct
from it as heaven from hell, there is a most blessed
"spiritual knowledge" of the things of God, with
which the people of God are favored.

"Then He opened their minds so they could
 understand the Scriptures." Luke 24:45


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"Abounding of Love in Knowledge and Experience"