(Octavius Winslow, "The Holy Spirit
 Glorifying the Redeemer")

Heaven is before you!

Soon you will be freed, entirely and forever
freed, from all the remains of sin.

Soon the last sigh will heave your breast.

Soon the last tear will fall from your eye.

Soon the last pang will convulse your body.

Soon, oh how soon, will you "see the
King in His beauty," the Jesus who . . .
  loved you,
  died for you,
  ransomed you,
  and loves you still!

Soon you will fall at His feet, and be raised in
His arms, and be hushed to rest in His bosom!

Soon you will mingle, as a pure and happy spirit,
with all who sleep in Jesus, who have gone but
a little before you. See how they line the shores
on the other side, and wait to welcome you over!
See how they beckon you away!

Above all, sweetest and most glorious of all,
see Jesus prepared to receive you to Himself!