Who will shout the loudest in glory?
(Mary Winslow)

I wish only to live to show my love to Him, and
to manifest the power of His grace in one who
in herself is one lump of sin and defilement.

How marvelous that the Lord should select out
of the mass of the world's sinful beings such a
one as myself to show forth the power of His
redeeming love and grace!

Every fresh manifestation of this love breaks the
heart, and humbles the soul even to the dust!

Time is hastening us on, and the moment will
quickly come when our dearest Friend will claim
us as His own and for Himself. Then we shall
see Him face to face; and who will shout the
loudest in glory?

I think I shall. For, what has He not forgiven me?

No tongue can tell how my heart goes out, at times,
in wondering gratitude and adoring love towards Him.

Such is the Lord Jesus that angels themselves know not
half His worth. It is sinners, poor sinners like myself;
helpless, lost, ruined in themselves; who alone can
appreciate the glorious finished work of Jesus.

My soul at this moment; weeping while I write; rejoices
with joy unspeakable and full of glory in God my Savior.

Let us live as candidates for a crown of glory.

This will keep us above the trials and the trifles of time.