Chasing of the shadow

(John MacDuff, "The Shepherd and His Flock")

"My soul finds rest in God alone." Psalm 62:1

The life of man is a constant striving after . . .
  repose, and

Many, indeed, are seeking it in base counterfeits;
yet even in the counterfeit search we detect the
aspiration after a nobler reality. In the very
chasing of the shadow we discern the longing
after the substance.

The miser seeks it in his gold.

The ambitious man seeks it as he climbs his giddy eminences.

The pleasure hunter seeks it in artificial excitements.

The student seeks it in the loftier aspirations
and achievements of his intellectual nature.

But true rest can be found in God alone.

"My soul finds rest in God alone." Psalm 62:1