Save me, and I shall be saved!

(Philpot, "The Sick Man's Prayer and the Sinner's Cry")

"Save me, and I shall be saved!" Jeremiah 17:14

This implies salvation from the power of sin;
the secret dominion sin possesses in the heart.

O, what a tyrannical rule does sin sometimes
exercise in our carnal minds! How soon are we
entangled in flesh-pleasing snares! How easily
brought under the secret dominion of some hidden
corruption! And how we struggle in vain to deliver
ourselves when we are caught in the snares of
the devil, or are under the power of any one lust,
besetment, or temptation!

The Lord, and the Lord alone can save us from all
these things. He saves from the power of sin by . . .
  bringing a sense of His dying love into our hearts,
  delivering us from our idols,
  raising our affections to things above,
  breaking to pieces our snares,
  subduing our lusts,
  taming our corruptions, and
  mastering the inward evils of our dreadfully fallen nature.

Here is this sin! Lord, save me from it.

Here is this snare! Lord, break it to pieces.

Here is this temptation! Lord, deliver me out of it.

Here is this lust! Lord, subdue it.

Here is my proud heart! Lord, humble it.

None but the Lord can do these things for us . . .
  nothing but the felt power of God,
  nothing but the putting forth of His mighty arm,
  nothing but the shedding abroad of His dying love,
  nothing but the operations of His grace upon our soul,
can deliver us from the secret power of evil.

"Save me, and I shall be saved!"