"God bless us."

(Favell Lee Mortimer, "Family Devotions")

"And I tell you this, that you must give an account
 on judgment day of every idle word you speak."
    Matthew 12:36

The Lord Jesus observes the expressions we use
in our common conversation. He notices every
reproachful word we utter to each other. He also
notices every irreverent word we speak of God.

Let us never forget that He still listens to our words,
and is displeased with every profane expression, such
as, "God bless us." Ungodly people are so much in the
habit of uttering these exclamations, that they scarcely
know when they use them. They have no reverence for
the majesty of the Almighty God, nor care how they
insult His name.

Editor's note: Though sacrilege (the speaking of God--and
the things of God--in an unthinking, frivolous, trivial way)
is a common sin among professing Christians, God does not
treat such irreverence lightly. "You shall not take the name
of the Lord your God in vain. The Lord will not let you go
unpunished if you use His name in vain."
Exodus 20:7