Christian recreation

(Theodore Cuyler, "Christian Recreation
and Unchristian Amusement" 1858)

All work makes a man a sorry slave.

All play makes him a sorrier fool.

The wise person avoids both extremes.

Whatever makes . . .
  your body healthier,
  your mind happier, and
  your immortal soul purer,
is Christian recreation.

Many confound innocent recreation with sinful
pleasures. One is right and the other is ruinous.
Everything that . . .
  rests my body or mind,
  improves my health
  and elevates my soul,
is commendable.

Everything that stimulates my lustful propensities,
until I become a walking maniac—everything that
debauches my body, weakens my conscience, excites
impure thoughts, and makes my soul a horrendous
house of imagery—everything that makes me forget
God and eternity—is dangerous, and in the end damnable.