Pity your foolish child!

(Newman Hall, "Leaves of Healing
 from the Garden of Grief" 1891)

He went on a little farther and fell face down on the
ground, praying, "My Father! If it is possible, let this
cup of suffering be taken away from Me
. Yet I want
Your will, not Mine." Matthew 26:39

Throughout His life Jesus was the Man of Sorrows;
and many of His disciples go mourning all their days
by reason of continued . . .
  successive sorrows,
  stripes repeated before the former wounds are healed;
  one woe treading on the heels of another, as with Job.

Some thorn is always rankling.

When one rocky crag has been surmounted,
another has to be scaled.

When one troublous torrent has been waded,
another and yet another roars across our path.

You may plead that your heavenly Father would . . .
  relieve the pain,
  heal the sickness,
  spare the life,
  remove the danger,
  calm the anxiety,
  restore the love,
  restrain the sin,
  abate the anger,
  disperse the cloud,
  calm the storm,
  send the sunshine.

"My Father, pity your foolish child, but bear with me while
I confess that this bitter cup depresses my spirit, raises
doubts, disturbs my faith, irritates my temper, drives me
to frivolity, hinders prayer, and tempts me to seek relief
wrongfully. I am taught that affliction should make me
humble and patient, gentle to others, weaned from earth,
submissive to You--but this cup seems to produce opposite
results. Oh, let this cup pass from me! My soul is bowed
down to the dust! My tears have been my food day and
night! O my God, my soul is cast down within me; all Your
waves and Your billows are gone over me. Abba, Father,
let this cup pass from me!

Behold me, even me; listen to my complaint; behold this
cup--how bitter it is, how full, how long I have had to drink
it! In my ignorance it seems unsuited to my temperament.
How wearied and faint I am! How earnestly I desire to be
spared the further drinking of it. O my Father! witness
these tears, hear these cries, consider my soul's agony!
Abba, Father, let this cup pass from me!"