The muddy waters of this world

(Favell Lee Mortimer, "Family Devotions")

"Everyone who drinks this water will thirst
 again." John 4:13

There is a defect in all earthly pleasures and
--they seem to satisfy us for a little
while, but soon the tormenting thirst returns.

Have we not often experienced the truth of this?

We have partaken of some pleasure, and have felt
satisfied--but O how short was our satisfaction! We
soon become restless and uneasy again.

Thus we continue to thirst until we are made
partakers of the Holy Spirit--then we feel satisfied.
Then we find within ourselves a source of happiness.
What is this source of never-failing delight? It is the
sense of pardoned sin, of God's love in Christ, the
hope of heaven, and of meeting our Redeemer there.

Have you not heard of people racked with pain, who
yet enjoyed a peace that passes all understanding?
Perhaps you have seen such people, and have wondered
at their case. Behold the mystery explained! They drank,
indeed, of no stream of earthly comforts, but there was
in them a well of water springing up that never could be
exhausted, and therefore they did not thirst after the
muddy waters of this world

"Please, sir give me some of that water! Then
 I'll never be thirsty again!
" John 4:15