We would not be such muck-worms!

(J. C. Philpot, "The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation")

"I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be
—in order that you may know the hope
 to which He has called you—what a rich and glorious
 inheritance He has given to His people." Ephes. 1:18

If the Spirit would but enlighten the eyes of our heart,
how this would lift us up out of the mud and mire of this
wretched world! We would not be such muck-worms,
raking and scraping a few straws together—or running
about like ants with our morsel of grain!
We would have
our affections fixed more on things above. We would . . .
  know more of Christ,
  enjoy more of Christ,
  be more like Christ,
  walk more like Christ walked, and
  look forward to our glorious inheritance.

If these things were brought into our hearts with divine
power—how they would sweeten every bitter cup, and
carry us through every changing scene, until at last we
were landed above—to see the Lord as He is, in the full
perfection of His infinite glory!