Such freaks are more fit for a traveling circus

(Letters of J. C. Philpot)

I have been much puzzled by those in the professing
church. Most have a great assurance and unwavering
confidence--unaccompanied by godly fear, and the
other fruits and graces of the Spirit. I see this as
presumption or delusion.

Where the Holy Spirit works faith, He also works . . .
  sorrow for sin,
  deadness to the world,
  tenderness of conscience,
  brokenness of spirit,
  spiritual affections,
  holy and heavenly desires,
  true hope, and
  love toward the Lord and His people.

Where we see these fruits and graces of the Spirit
lacking, or sadly deficient, there we must conclude
that true faith, the root from which they all grow, is
lacking or deficient likewise.

There are no 'freaks' in the kingdom of heaven.
I mean such as have . . .
  'little hearts' and 'large heads',
  active legs and withered hands,
  nimble tongues and crippled arms.
Such freaks are more fit for a traveling circus
than the Church of the living God.

To fear God,
to tremble at His word,
to be little and lowly in our own eyes,
to hate sin and ourselves as sinners,
to pour out our hearts before the Lord,
to seek His face continually,
to lead a life of faith and prayer,
to be dead to the world,
to feel Jesus to be precious,
to behold His dying love by the eyes of living faith;
these realities are almost despised and overlooked
by many 'great professors' in our day!