However low we may sink

(J. C. Philpot, "Letters & Memoir")

What a mercy it is to have a faithful, gracious, and
compassionate High Priest who can sympathize with
His poor, tried, tempted family—so that however
low we may sink
. . .
  His piteous eye can see us in our low estate,
  His gracious ear hear our cries,
  His loving heart melt over us, and
  His strong arm pluck us from our destructions!

Oh, what would we do without such a gracious
and most suitable Savior as our blessed Jesus!
How He seems to rise more and more . . .

  in our estimation,
  in our thoughts,
  in our desires,
  in our affections,
as we see and feel . . .

  what a wreck and ruin we are,
  what dreadful havoc sin has made with us,
  what miserable outcasts we are by nature.

But oh, how needful it is, dear friend, to be
brought down in our soul to be the . . .
  chief of sinners,
  viler than the vilest,
  worse than the worst,
that we may really and truly believe in, and cleave
unto, this most precious and suitable Savior!

Yours affectionately in the Lord,
J. C. Philpot, October 1, 1868