Truly, there is no love like Christ's!

(Octavius Winslow, "None Like Christ")

There is no love . . .
  so gentle,
  so patient,
  so enduring,
as Christ's love.

Again and again you have . . .
  questioned it,
  wounded it,
  forsaken it.

Again and again you have returned to it . . .
  with tears,
  with confession,
  with humiliation,
and have found it as unchilled
and unchanged as His nature.

It has . . .
  borne with your doubts,
  been silent beneath your murmurings,
  veiled your infirmities,
  never veered with your fickleness,
  nor frozen with your coldness,
  nor upbraided you for your backslidings,
but all the day long, tracking your wandering winding
way, it has hovered around you with a presence that
has encircled you within its divine, all enshrouding and
invincible shield.

Truly, there is no love like Christ's!

The Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of your . . .
  undivided affection,
  supreme confidence,
  unreserved service.
He infinitely distances and eclipses all other
beings, and all other objects. He is the chief
among ten thousand, and deserves the
supreme enthronement in your . . .

"Lord, there is none like You! I learn Your transcendent
worth—I experience Your matchless love—I behold Your
unrivaled beauty—I feel Your inimitable tenderness,
gentleness, and sympathy in this hour when my spirit
is overwhelmed within me, and my earthly treasures
float a scattered wreck upon the surging waters through
which I come to You."

Truly, there is no love like Christ's!