If God left us for a single hour

(J. C. Philpot, "Prevailing Pleas" 1865)

"Don't leave us!" Jeremiah 14:9

How much is summed up in those three words!

What would it be for God to leave us?

What and where would we be,

if God left us for a single hour?

What would become of us?

We would fall at once into the hands . . .
  of sin,
  of Satan, and
  of the world.

We would be abandoned to our own evil
hearts—abandoned, utterly abandoned to
the unbelief, the infidelity, to all the filth
and sensuality of our wicked nature—to fill
up the measure of our iniquities, until we
sank under His wrath to rise no more!

"Don't leave us!" Jeremiah 14:9