Every kind of sin

(J. C. Philpot, "A Peculiar People" 1860)

"He gave Himself to redeem us from
 every kind of sin."
Titus 2:14

Sins of heart.

Sins of lip.

Sins of life.

There are five things as regards sin, from
which our blessed Lord came to redeem us . . .
  its guilt,
  its filth,
  its power,
  its love,
  its practice.

By His death, He redeemed us from sin's guilt.

By the washing of regeneration,
He delivers us from sin's filth.

By the power of His resurrection,
He liberates us from sin's dominion.

By revealing His beauty,
He frees us from sin's love.

By making the conscience tender in His fear,
He preserves us from sin's practice.

"The blood of Jesus purifies us from all sin."
  1 John 1:7