The Holy Spirit

(Thomas Reade, "Christian Meditations")

It is the work of the Spirit to animate,
comfort and strengthen the true believer.

By His gracious influences He sheds abroad
the love of God in the hearts of believers;
fills them, at times, with joy unspeakable
and full of glory, and gives them a peace
that passes understanding.

The Holy Spirit . . .
  supports them under the severest trials;
  preserves them from the power of evil;
  guards them from the attacks of Satan;
  upholds them on their journey through the wilderness;
  and brings them triumphant to the heavenly Canaan.

"Oh, blessed Spirit, prepare me for Your
abode of glory; wean my heart daily from
this wicked world; impress the Savior's
image on my soul, that when He shall
appear, I may be like Him, when I see
Him as He is."