The hard-hearted, cold-blooded,
wise-headed professor

(J. C. Philpot, "Deliverance from Death")

We are surrounded with snares.

Temptations lie spread every moment in our path.

These snares and these temptations are so suitable
to the lusts of our flesh, that we would certainly fall
into them, and be overcome by them, but for the
restraining providence or the preserving grace of God.
The Christian sees this; the Christian feels this.

The hard-hearted, cold-blooded, wise-headed
sees no snares. He is entangled in
them, he falls by them, and not repenting of his
sins or forsaking them, he makes utter shipwreck
concerning the faith.

The child of God . . .
  sees the snare,
  feels the temptation,
  knows the evil of his heart,
and is conscious that if God does not
hold him up, he shall stumble and fall.

As then a burnt child dreads the fire, so he
dreads the consequence of being left for a
moment to himself; and the more is he
afraid that he shall fall.

If his eyes are more widely opened to see . . .
  the purity of God,
  the blessedness of Christ,
  the efficacy of atoning blood,
  and the beauties of holiness,
the more also does he see the evil of sin, the dreadful
consequences of being entangled therein. And not only
so, but his own helplessness and weakness and inability
to stand against temptation in his own strength.

And all these feelings combine to raise up a more
earnest cry, "Hold me up, and I shall be safe!"