A real friend

(Thomas Reade, "Christian Meditations")

"There is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother."
     Proverbs 18:24

Few people are insensible to the happiness of
friendship, though few, comparatively, possess
a real friend. Worldly friendships are often little
better than "confederacies in vice, and leagues
in pleasure."

In the midst of this ever changing, faithless world,
there is a Friend that loves at all times—a Brother
that is born for adversity.

Jesus is His precious name.

Love is His endeared character.

His faithfulness never fails.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

In the midst of disquietude—He can give rest.

In the midst of sorrow—He can give comfort.

In the midst of weakness—He can impart strength.

In the midst of confusion—He can give counsel.

Oh! what a friend is this!

Wherever we are, He is a friend at hand to cheer
and support. When we read His word, He speaks to
us—when we pray, we speak to Him. He is near to
those who fear Him, and He sheds His choicest gifts
on those who love Him.

Such a friend is Jesus to His redeemed people.

There is no happiness but in Christ.

He is the fountain of living water—the source
from where our every blessing flows!

O! my soul, never look for peace from the creature
—nor expect it from yourself.